Living in LA LA Land

As a child I always dreamed that I would live in both NY, and LA at some point in life. I have now called them both home. I miss NY everyday, but I am excited to see what Cali has for me.

I called NYC home for 18 years. This city forever changed me, and it’s streets inspired me. My favorite thing about NY is the diversity . People are attracted to NY from around the world, and the migrate here for their chance to make it here. They each bring a little bit of their cultures to the city with them, so the city is bustling with different customs & celebrations . 🏙
I love to travel. I completely believe traveling First Leaves You Speechless, then Turns You Into A Storyteller. Here you will find a collection of stories about my travels, and tips to help you plan your travels.

You’ll fall in love in Paris. If not with a physical person, with Paris itself. Everything about the streets of Paris screams romance, and I’m just a hopeless romantic. J’aime Paris ❤️

Next to the ocean is my absolute most favorite place. That’s partially what attracted me to California. With miles and miles of different beaches to choose from, Summertime is the best time to be here. Luckily, summertime in California last for about 7 months.

Proud ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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